Why My HP Printer Assistant Not Working?

HP printer assistant is a piece of software that helps in managing HP printer driver installation with the windows system. Further the HP assistant gives assistance for users with scanning, checking ink levels, order supplies and more. Some users may sometimes experience HP Printer Assistant Not Working issues. This may occur due to any of the underlying technical glitches.

Printer assistant not working

For assisting those users, in this article we will cover the end-to-end steps in providing a deeper insight on the reasons and solutions for HP Printer Assistant Not Working issue.

Troubleshooting HP Printer Assistant Not Working issue

Initially you have to make sure that the HP printer assistant is installed in your system. Find and double-click on the printer icon on your desktop. If you don’t have the shortcut, from windows search your printer model and choose your printer model. In the following screens you may find the printer assistant. If you don’t find the printer assistant, then you can download the latest version from the HP official site.

Uninstall the existing HP printer driver

Before starting with uninstallation, make sure the USB cable is disconnected from your printer and the system. Then open the control panel and select Programs and features option. Then from the following choose HP printer software. Then right-click to uninstall the program. Once done uninstalling restart the computer to proceed with the next step.

Reinstall the latest HP printer driver

Initially make sure no cable is connected with your printer. You can connect the cable when needed. Then from your system navigate to the HP printer home page. And choose software and driver downloads. In the “Let's identify your product to get started” page, enter the printer model number and click submit. Finally under the driver tab tap on the Download option. 

Reconnect the printer

Tap on the printer icon to open the printer setup screen. Then click on the “connect a new printer” option. Simply follow the onscreen instruction to complete the reconnection process. Once finished try opening the HP Printer Assistant if it gets opened the problem solved if not you can try further steps.

Restart the devices connected with your printer and the printer

Restarting any electrical device can sometime help you with the problem. We advise you the same with this issue. Try to restart your router, system and printer.

Disable the antivirus

Sometimes the antivirus may assume the HP printer and its software as a threat to the system. The antivirus will in turn block all its communication with the windows. Hence, the user may try to uninstall the anti-virus or make proper adjustments to continue with the HP printer assistant.

We hope this article would help you assist in solving your existing issue and help you continue with your printing job. For more information on queries and doubts on HP Printer Assistant, please contact the HP customer support executives for professional assistance and smart solutions tailor-made for every user situation.

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