How to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail?

The AOL users who are seeing for the process to forward AOL mail to Gmail, for them the data presented in this article would be useful. AOL is the most stable and trusting Email service provider in the world with thousands of satisfied clients from across the globe. AOL allows high-quality, fast and efficient Email services to its users.

AOL is an online platform that offers an email service knows as AOL email service. Through the AOL mail service, the users can automatically forward all incoming emails to another email address.

Practical steps to forward AOL Email to Gmail

The users are advised to follow the Guidance given below to forward AOL Email to Gmail. So, thoroughly go through the steps explained below and watch the same for forwarding AOL mail to Gmail.

Numerous users are doubtful and are seeing for the actions about how to transfer AOL email to Gmail, so putting this thing in memory for them we have here listed the easy and straightforward steps by which they can simply forward AOL emails to Gmail. Users can also avail help from AOL Help Phone Number.

  • First of all, the users are need to sign in to the Gmail account in which they need to forward AOL to Gmail.
  • Once become redirected to the Gmail account, and then get the cursor to the top right corner and succeed with settings option.
  • From there, go to the accounts and import and then click on Import mail and contacts.
  • Now a new window will arrive, and next happily sign in to different email account.
  • Soon it will ask for what account do you want to import from, for instance, [email protected].
  • Following this, insert the AOL account password.
  • Promptly an import choice will seem on the screen.
  • Choose the import decision from the [email protected]
  • For the following 30 days, import new mail.
  • Following this, succeed with the Start import key.
  • After completing this, the method will get completed, and a message will appear on the screen confirming that the messages are being imported.

Moreover Guidance for how to forward AOL Mail to Gmail

We believe that after putting the considered solution, it would be more relaxed for users to import AOL mail to Gmail. Thus, if you all are happy with the actions explained over, then do share this post among others. Hence, others can too become informed of the idea to forward AOL mail to Gmail.

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